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     About Us

    About Us

Five D Industries LLC is located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, just within the city limits on the south side of Tomahawk. The company began as a subsidiary of Daigle Brothers, Inc., but due to increasing demand and geographic growth it is now a separate company. five d industriesFive D Industries LLC is the sole manufacturer of Hot Patch™ asphalt heaters. This product is useful for municipalities, street and water departments, and county highway departments. It is also useful for parks departments, landscapers, and farmers. The hydraulic platform can lift over 800 pounds making it useful for lifting anything from trees to refrigerators and even deer carcasses. Hot Patch™ is extremely versatile and is the only product of its kind on the market.

In 1999, the concept of using the heat produced by the engine to heat asphalt patch mix was presented to Steve Daigle by good friend and logging professional Carl Taves. Daigle Brothers, Inc. proceeded to design a heat exchanger using this concept. A successful prototype was built for Carl and the patent process began. Instantly a few local counties were sold on the product and the Northwoods way of marketing took hold; selling a quality product and standing behind it at all costs. This product has been field tested for over 10 years and has been redesigned through engineering breakthroughs and customer feedback. Five D Industries LLC has become the sole manufacturer of the Hot Patch™ product and plans are to continue pushing the patching advantages and the marketability of the versatile bed and shoveling platform.

Future Plans

Five D Industries LLC is striving to become a nationwide renowned company with a nationally distributed product. Hot Patch™ is continuously being modified and improved to meet customers needs. With every modification, this product increases in versatility making it appealing to many different industries.

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