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Advanced Green Solutions for Asphalt Patch Mix Heating

Hot patch repair worker

Looking for an asphalt patch mix heater to make patching easier, safer and more
cost effective?

Hot Patch offers a product that makes asphalt patching environmentally friendly, economical, and ergonomical. Within
our area of expertise are municipalities, counties, and cities.

Hot Patch™ Features

  • Designed to fit any truck bed, and does not take away from the original use of the truck.
  • NOT a single-use item like patching trailers
  • Hydraulic shoveling platform/tailgate is extremely useful for daily duties such as: shoveling mulch, gravel or topsoil and can also be used to lift heavy chunks of debris, tools, appliances, and tires
  • Virtually maintenance free – no burners to maintain, thermostats to replace or hoppers to clean out
  • User Friendly – no trailer hook up, no lights, no tires to replace, and no LP to burn
  • Cold patch materials are warmed to ideal temperatures using the HOT PATCH HEATER without overheating
  • Pick up truck models also available

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    Green Product

    Environmentally Friendly Hot Patch™ is an
    environmentally friendly
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