Benefits of Hot Patch Heater

Dramatically Improved Safety

Hot Patch Heaters significantly reduced worker injuries in two ways: 

  1. Ergonomic - Using the patented shoveling platform/tailgate, workers are shoveling at an optimized height between their knees and waist instead of shoveling closer to shoulder height off the bed of a truck.
  2. Ease of Shoveling - By heating cold patch material, the material is substantially easier to shovel; workers no longer have to fight to try to break up cold or frozen patch materials.

Trying to get a shovel into cold or frozen patch material can easily result in strains, pulls and other worker injuries. When Hot Patch EVO Heaters are used with hot mix asphalt, the heated bed keeps the hot mix more pliable during the workday and promotes easier shoveling and reduced injury risk.


Longer Lasting Pothole Repairs

Heating cold patch material leads to longer-lasting repairs because the material flows more completely into the pothole and conforms to its irregular shape. The heated cold patch material also has superior adhesion. Both of these lead to longer-lasting pothole patches.

Pothole repaired with unheated patch material.
Pothole repaired with Hot Patch heated patch material.

Money Savings

Substantially Lower Cost

Hot Patch Heaters save money in a variety of ways. The initial purchase price of a Hot Patch Heater is a mere fraction of the cost of full self-contained patching trucks and substantially less than pull-behind “hot boxes”.

A Hot Patch Heaters unit’s size and convenience mean it can be quickly mobilized with a one or two-person crew at a much lower cost than the larger crews typically required for larger equipment. When using heated cold patch material, Hot Patch Heaters allow for longer-lasting repairs and hence lower annual cost to readdress failed patches.

While Hot Patch Heaters are not designed to reheat “hot mix” that has reached ambient outside temperature, many of our customers use their full-size EVO Hot Patch Heaters with hot mix asphalt. The heated bed prolongs the pliability of the hot mix during the workday making it easier to shovelincreasing efficiency and reducing wasted asphalt. Our LT pick-up models are designed for use with cold patch mix and should not be used with hot mix asphalt.

Hot Patch Heaters are well designed, well built and require minimal maintenance.