Does Nebraska need heating hot mix asphalt equipment?

A Hot Patch Heater is a specially designed truck/trailer bed insert used to heat cold patch material for pothole repairs.

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Hot Patch Heaters bring asphalt patch repair mix to an optimum working temperature.
Benefits of Hot Patch Heater
  • Reduce Injuries for Workers — Heated patch mix is always easier to shovel than unheated patch mix, especially in cold temperatures. Heating the patch mix eliminates repair workers from having to "jam" shovels into unheated patch mix. By eliminating these jarring impacts to hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and backs, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.
  • Longer Lasting Pothole Repairs — Heated patch mix leads to longer-lasting pothole repairs. The heated mix better conforms to the shape of the pothole. This both mechanically "locks" the repair material into the pothole and it better seals the repair from future moister intrusion.
  • Substantially Lower Cost — Hot Patch Heaters save money in a variety of ways. The initial purchase price of a Hot Patch Heater is a mere fraction of the cost of full self-contained patching trucks and substantially less than pull-behind “hot boxes”. A Hot Patch Heaters unit’s size and convenience mean it can be quickly mobilized with a one or two-person crew at a much lower cost than the larger crews typically required for larger equipment. When using heated cold patch material, Hot Patch Heaters allow for longer-lasting repairs and hence lower annual cost to readdress failed patches.

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